April 2018 Business Briefing

Our April 2018 Business Briefing, is to be held at UCC – Tyndall National Institute, Mardyke, on Wednesday April 18th starting at 6.15pm (sharp) and is to have the CEO of a local company which is Strategically Growth focused,    Sustainable,   Ambitious, Well Invested and has a Global Footprint.

Jim Woulfe

Mr Jim Woulfe, CEO of Dairygold Co-Operative Society Limited Ireland has graciously accepted our invitation to present to us. Jim is at the helm of Dairygold since 2009, he was previous head of their Agri Division & Business and also held senior roles in HR and Milk Supplies.

 Jim will share with us Dairygold’s Success Story, Driving Innovation and Business Growth in an Evolving and Volatile Business Environment.

The discussion focus on Dairygold’s history, Capital investments programme and Finalising strategic partnerships with the knock-on economic benefits being delivered to the wider Cork region. Dairygold’s capital investment programme is delivering a state-of-the art high tech dairy processing infrastructure at their Mitchelstown and Mallow plants.  Cork and the wider Munster region is significantly benefitting economically from Dairygold’s success and growth.

Brexit Impact

The UK vote to leave the EU presents a very significant challenge to the Irish agri-food industry, especially the dairy sector. The UK is Ireland’s largest market for cheddar cheese and butter with nearly 60% of cheese production and 25% of butter exported into that market. Jim will give an insight to a number of Strategic Initiatives Dairygold are executing in preparation for Brexit. This is a unique opportunity for member companies to listen as to how Dairygold are dealing with this challenge.

 Dairygold Story

Dairygold is Ireland’s largest farmer-owned co-operative, are a global company and have an annual turnover of €800m. The coveted Cork Company of the Year award, was won by Dairygold in 2017 in recognition of its Strategy Execution and is cited as being

‘a company that has sustainably grown its business, increasing employment and developing its people, while adapting to an evolving and volatile business environment’. 

Dairygold have continued to build value added partnerships with some of the biggest international brands and despite the market challenges they continue to incrementally build the strength of the business.

Through Innovation and Technology they have become a major global player in Dairy Nutrition, supplying premium cheese and dairy ingredients to the global marketplace. With the global population set grow significantly by 2050, Dairygold have a long-term vision and strategic plan in place to feed the world. By becoming a preferred supplier of nutritional ingredients, they will ensure better returns for our shareholders, and supply premium nutritional ingredients to the world.

After the presentations, there will be a networking opportunity with light refreshments served.

The CEIA would like to thank Jim for taking the time to talk with us and to our hosts in UCC, Tyndall National Institute who generously agreed to hold this event at their site

March 2018 Business Briefing

MOOG Ireland on Wednesday March 21st 2018 starting at 6.15pm (sharp) is the location for our March Business Briefing Directions to MOOG Ire.

Ernest Keeffe


Mr Ernest Keeffe, General Manager Moog Ireland Ltd. will share with us “The Meaning of Innovation in Product Design & the Culture which supports Creativity & Innovation at MOOG”


Ernest Keeffe will provide an Overview of the company, its Culture, Innovation and Cost Improvement Programs.

Ray Walsh will speak to Innovation in Product Design.

Colin O’Brien will speak to the application of Process Innovation at Moog.

The Moog Story

  • Over fifty years ago, MOOG started as designer and supplier of aircraft and missile components.
  • Today, their motion control technology enhances performance in a variety of markets and applications, from commercial aircraft cockpits, to power-generation turbines, to Formula One racing, to medical infusion systems.
  • The Company provides a culture which supports talented people, allowing them to approach their work with energy, enthusiasm, and the promise of success.

This Video provides a brief overview of the MOOG company.   Corporate Overview  

History of Moog Ireland Ltd

  • Moog Ireland’s facility opened in 1981 on 5.5 acre (2.28ha) site.
  • Product & Process Development – Electronics H/W & S/W
  • AS/EN9100 (Aerospace) certified
  • Moog Ireland is a focussed centre for servo-drives within the Industrial Group, providing a globally coordinated and aligned approach to drive solutions

After the presentations, there will be a networking opportunity with light refreshments served.

We would like to thank Ernest and the team in MOOG Ire. for taking the time to talk with us and generously agreeing to host this event on site.

Please register at info@ceia.ie if you and/or others from your organisation can attend.

CEIA 33rd AGM – Feb 8th 2018

The CEIA 33rd Annual General Meeting takes place at Maryborough House Hotel  on Thurs. Feb 08th starting at 6.15pm

Our Guest Speaker for the evening is:


Professor Patrick G. O’Shea, President, UCC

Professor  O’Shea became the 15th President of University College Cork on 1st February 2017.

A UCC Physics graduate and former Vice President and Chief Research Officer at the University of Maryland in the US, Professor O’Shea was at the helm of a $500 million (€470m) per annum research and innovation enterprise.

His academic, political and business acumen helped the university to become one of the leading research universities in the world. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and is a University of Maryland Distinguished Scholar-Teacher.

Under Prof. O’Shea’s leadership, the University of Maryland has forged strong national and international research partnerships. He is a strong advocate of cross disciplinary work in universities, highlighting the importance of humanities studies and their interaction with science and other technical disciplines.

Professor O’Shea served as Chair of the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Director of the Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics, at the University of Maryland. He played a leading role in the founding of the Maryland NanoCentre and the Maryland Cyber Security Centre. He also served as a project leader at the University of California Los Alamos National Laboratory, and as a faculty member at Duke University.

Professor O’Shea’s area of expertise is in electromagnetics, and he is best known for his pioneering work on electron-accelerators and free-electron lasers.

He has played a leading role in several large research programs, and supervised the work of over two dozen doctoral students.

On his appointment last June Professor O’Shea said: “My physics degree from UCC laid the foundations for a successful academic career in the US culminating in my current leadership role at the University of Maryland. I am delighted to return to lead my alma mater, a university of ancient heritage and modern focus.  I thank outgoing President Dr Michael Murphy and the staff of UCC for the amazing job they have all done in securing our future.  UCC’s students and staff have impressed me with their enthusiasm and commitment to excellence in education, scholarship, research and service. Through their dedication, passion, and achievement, UCC will continue its rise among the great universities of the world.”

Professor O’Shea attended secondary school at Coláiste Chríost Rí in Cork, and holds an M.S. and a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Maryland.

Don’t miss this opportunity to listen Professor O’Shea.

His presentation titled “UCC Now and the Future”, will share an insight into UCC Success and Future Plans and his vision of how industry can engage.

Founded in 1845, UCC is one of Ireland’s leading institutions for research and education. With over 20,000 students, 2,800 faculty and staff, and 130,000 alumni, it is ranked in the top 2% of universities worldwide.

A sincere word of thanks to Professor O’Shea for taking the time out of his very busy schedule to be with us on Feb 8th

After the meeting, Dinner will be served in Bellini’s restaurant in the hotel.      (there will be a nominal charge for those that stay for dinner)

Please register info@ceia.ie should you wish to attend

CEIA Breakfast Meeting December 2017

Friday 1st Dec. 2017  07:30am (sharp)  at: Flex Ltd.,  Kilbarry Business Park, Dubin Hill, Cork  (map: Flex Ltd.) is the venue for our Dec. 2017 Breakfast Briefing

Continuing our theme of Cost Reduction, Reinvention and Innovation our December briefing reviews a successful business outside our industry sectors.

We are delighted Mr Theodore H. “Ted” Nixon, Chairman and CEO, D.D. Williamson has graciously accepted our request to speak to CEIA members.

         Ted Nixon DD Williamson                     

Ted, will share with us “The DDW Story”

 Founded in 1865 – the year Lincoln was assassinatedDDW has been in the food colours business for an astonishing 152 years.



It was founded by Dutch immigrant Douw Ditmars Williamson in New York to manufacture burnt sugars for the brewing industry.

Ted joined D.D. Williamson in 1974 in manufacturing, he became Director of Operations in 1976, added Sales and Marketing responsibilities in 1980.

He was promoted to President and COO in 1982, and became CEO in 1992.

DDW now operates ten manufacturing facilities on five continents. (USA (3), Brazil, Ireland (2), UK (2), Swaziland, Malaysia & China.

Over 75% of DDW’s sales are outside the USA; and each day, their products colour over 2 billion servings of foods and beverages on a global basis.

Its product standards result from  quality systems that exceed those required by all national and global food agencies,  backed with a global team of dedicated professionals and 152 years of experience in the colouring industry. This combination of innovation, experience, and dedication, makes DDW the best source of natural colours for food and beverage applications in the world.

In 1978 DDW opened its first international company in Cork, to supply Europe’s growing soft drinks industry.

Advances in technology is just one example of how innovation is key when working within the natural colours industry. Technology is required to improve precision when matching colours, testing stability, and replacing synthetics. This capability mimics what the eyes see by measuring reflected or transmitted light at various wavelengths within the visible spectrum and quantifies colour based upon a three-dimensional colour space, helping colour scientists create custom blends for customers that better match their desired hue.

Ted’s presentation will cover the story of DDW worldwide from 1865 to date and will focus on key topics such as  Innovation, Invention, Re-invention, Reaction to changing circumstances, Globalization, Specialization, some of the challenges DDW has faced over the years and how it has dealt with these to maintain DDW as a world leader in its industry.

The CEIA would like to thank Jerry Fitzpatrick  and the team in Flex Ltd. Who have generously agreed to host this event at their site in Kilbarry.

Please contact info@ceia.ie to register your  attendance

October 2017 Business Briefing

DELL/EMC, Ovens, Co. Cork – Friday Oct. 20th at 5:45pm (sharp) is the venue for our October 2017 Business Briefing.


Smon Coveney TD

Minister Simon Coveney, T.D. –

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, with special responsibility for Brexit,

has graciously accepted an invitation to attend our October briefing.

The format will be a ‘round table’ informal discussion and topics will be ‘relevant issues’ affecting the our industrial sectors, locally, nationally & internationally.

Invitations have been kept to a minimum to facilitate participation & interaction.

We are extremely grateful to Bob Savage, Aidan Trindle and the team at DELL for hosting the event.


For further information please contact info@ceia.ie


Thurs Sept 21st from 7:30am (sharp) to 9:30am in the CETB premises on Rossa Ave. (Map CETB)

We continue with our 2017 theme: ‘Reinvention, Continuous Improvement and Innovation’

Today we stand on the cusp of a fourth industrial  revolution; one which promises to marry the worlds of production and network connectivity in an “Internet of Things”

INDUSTRIE 4.0 represents a paradigm shift from “centralized” to “decentralized” production – made possible by technological advances which constitute a reversal of conventional production process logic. Simply put, this means that industrial production machinery no longer simply “processes” the product, but that the product communicates with the machinery to tell it exactly what to do. INDUSTRIE 4.0 connects embedded system production technologies and smart production processes to pave the way to a new technological age which will radically transform industry and production value chains and business models (e.g. “smart factory”)

Arnold Industries is now a part of the Bossard Group, whose company headquarters are in Zug, Switzerland. Bossard is a global network of companies with more than 2,100 employees in over 75 locations and carefully selected international partners in all regions of the world. Their drive for excellence and innovation has led to steady growth and market success for more than 180 years.

Marion Keller from Bossard Group in Switzerland will present to us at our breakfast meeting and will share with us  a

  • Brief  introduction to Bossard and its history,
  • How ‘Industrie 4’ impacts our Manufacturing Supply Chain,
  • Challenges in the connected industry and
  • Smart Factory Logistics as an innovative 4.0 approach.

Jerry Sweeney, CEO of CIX will give us a brief talk on the IOT Testbed, hosted within his facility. Dell EMC in conjunction with CIT have an IOT Testbed which is available FOC, subject to a qualification process, to companies trialling IOT applications.CIX hosts the kit in its data centre. Horner are an example of a company that have used the testbed. The testbed is part of the IIC Consortium.

We will also have the opportunity to hear details on current STEM activities which the CEIA is committed to in 2017. These activities can be offered as a service fulfilling an organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. We will be seeking member involvement and support.

June 2017 Business Briefing

APPLE OPERATIONS, Hollyhill, Thursday June 22nd at 6:40pm (sharp) is the venue for our June 2017 Business Briefing.

We are privileged to have

Smon Coveney TDMinister Simon Coveney, T.D. –

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, with special responsibility for Brexit,


attend our June Business Briefing. Like previous such Business Briefings the format will be a ‘round table’ informal discussion.
The topics for discussion will be ‘relevant issues’ affecting the our industry, locally, nationally & internationally. Invitations have been kept to a minimum to facilitate participation & interaction.
We are extremely grateful to Cathy Kearney and the team at Apple for hosting the event.
For further information please contact info@ceia.ie

March 2017 Business Briefing

takes place on Tuesday March 28th 2017 starting at 6.30pm (sharp) at Stryker Neurovascular,  Model Farm Rd., Cork       Directions: Stryker Neurovascular

We  continue with our theme of Cost Reduction, Reinvention and Innovation reviewing a business in the Biotech Manufacturing sphere and are delighted

Arnaud Aoustin, StrykerMr Arnaud Aoustin, Operations Manager of Stryker Neurovascular, has graciously accepted our request to present to fellow CEIA members. Arnaud will share with us

“The Stryker Neurovascular Story”

Stryker is one of the world’s leading medical technology companies and, together with their customers, they are driven to make healthcare better. The Company offers a diverse array of innovative products and services in Orthopaedics, Medical and Surgical, and Neurotechnology and Spine that help improve patient and hospital outcomes. Stryker is active in over 100 countries around the world.

The Company was founded in 1941 by Dr. Homer Stryker and incorporated in 1946 as the Orthopaedic Frame Company. In 1964, the Company’s name was changed to Stryker Corporation and is a very fast growing company with $11.325 billion in annual sales in 2016. Annual revenue has grown for 37 straight years with 18% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) in sales over 37 years. The company employs around 33,000 employees globally across 43 manufacturing and research & development locations worldwide.

In 2011, Stryker completed the acquisition of the Neurovascular (NV) Division of Boston Scientific for $1.5 Billion. This resulted in the start of the Stryker NV business in Model Farm Road. The NV revenue was $0.6 billion for 2016 with a double digit growth for the last 5 years. 70% of this revenue is manufactured in the Model Farm Road site which employs 750 people.

Arnaud’s presentation will cover the story of Stryker, Stryker NV and will focus on key topics including Continuous Improvement & Innovation.

After the presentations, there will be a networking opportunity with light refreshments served.

The CEIA would like to thank Arnaud and the team in Stryker for taking the time to talk with us and generously agreeing to host this event on site.

To register send an Email to info@ceia.ie, places are limited for this event.

32nd AGM – Feb 16th 2017

The 32nd CEIA AGM takes place Thurs. Feb 16th at 6.30pm (sharp) in Maryborough House Hotel, Douglas, Cork 


The Guest Speaker for the evening is:

Eamonn Sinnott


E Sinnott Title




Eamonn is a Vice President of Intel’s Technology & Manufacturing Group, the General Manager of Intel Ireland & the Plant Manager for Fabs 10, 14 & 24. He is responsible for developing people and leading the implementation of strategic policies and initiatives supporting the development of new business & technology opportunities.

Intel in Ireland has grown considerably under Eamonn’s stewardship, not only in its European Manufacturing headquarters in Leixlip, but also through new business development and acquisition.
Significant achievements for Eamonn in this role include leading the revitalization of all wafer fabrication operations in Ireland, resulting in the deployment of the leading edge semiconductor process technology at the Leixlip campus. This investment is the largest industrial investment in the history of the Irish state and positions Ireland as a world class centre for advanced technology.

Eamonn also led the establishment of a new Silicon design team at Leixlip which designed and built the breakthrough low power system on a chip (SoC) called Quark. This new product line helped fuel Intel’s advance in the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace.

Eamonn was awarded Business Person of the month in 2011, 2012 & 2015, Business and Finance Ireland

Don’t miss this opportunity to listen to Eamonn. His presentation titled “The INTEL Ireland Story”, will share an insight into Intel’s Evolution, Reinvention and Innovation over the past 27 years and investment of over $7 Billion into the state of the art manufacturing site which was once 360 acre stud farm.

A sincere word of thanks to Eamonn for taking the time out of his very busy schedule to be with us on Feb 16th

 After the meeting, Dinner will be served in the main restaurant.                         (there will be a nominal charge for dinner)

Please register by contacting info@ceia.ie  and advise if you plan to stay for dinner.